The Artist

Kass Wilson60eBest of Atlanta Winner Atlanta based faux finish artist, Kass Wilson, has been in the design industry for over 20 years. She began her journey into decorative finishes in 1992. This start was the result of a lifelong fascination with depth of color, dimension and the unexpected. Combined with her many years of working with interior designers.  Inspired by a passion for nature and a flair for the unconventional, she has unlimited courage to combine multiple mediums and techniques. Her pride in refusal to follow “the rules” allows her to create innovative faux finish effects on virtually any surface that are both visual and tactile.Kass says, ” Success for me is when my faux finish surfaces and decorative artistry are so intriguing that you just have to touch it!”Kass’ success is the direct result of years of experience and dedicated study of intricate faux finish techniques. A keen eye for color and attention to every detail results in surfaces of depth and authenticity. Her work has been featured in numerous publications, show homes and galleries. She works as a member of your design team on existing spaces, new construction as well as remodeling projects.Published author of the book Creative Finishes, Kass shares her secrets  regarding the many steps and considerations that are required to achieve excellence in creating artistic finishes.  She is a proud recipient of numerous awards and recognitions from national competitions. The many categories include:

  • Wood graining (faux bois)
  • Enhancement of Architectural Details
  • Best Old World Finish
  • Best Cabinetry
  • Best Floor
  • Best Kitchen
  • Best Bathroom
  • Best Great Room
  • Most Innovative Finish