Linear Thinking

Dining rooms are meant to welcome your guests with open arms. One element that creates this feeling is to give the impression that there is plenty of room for everyone. Designer, Debby Hall utilized “linear thinking” with horizontal stripes to develop the illusion that this space is larger than it appears.     The Design Process: There are few patterns as timeless and […]

Fooling the Eye: How to Create Height

One of the most exciting things about decorative finishes is the ability to fool the eye, completely changing the perception of the architecture in a given space with skillful faux finishes and clever design choices. We not only fool the eye by making one material look like another (for example, faux woodgrain), but also by manipulating […]

Easy on the Eyes

So often when we think of “updating,” we have visions of changing to clean lines and contemporary materials. But what happens when you must remain in keeping with the traditional style throughout the rest of the home?     The Design Process: Interior designer Jo Rabaut of Rabaut Design Associates created a fresh look in this master […]

Choosing Paint Colors: Do’s and Don’ts, Part 2

In our last post we shared some do’s and dont’s for selecting paint colors. Read on for part 2 with a few more tips and tricks from Atlanta decorative finish artist Kass Wilson. DO consider the finish. Color is not the only consideration when it comes to selecting finishes for walls, ceilings, floors, and architectural features. […]

Choosing Paint Colors: Do’s and Don’ts, Part 1

What’s the first step to building a sturdy house? It’s simple; start by laying a strong foundation. The same goes for home design. No matter what furnishings, art, lighting, and accessories you add to a space, the design must have a good foundation in order to work as a whole. When it comes to interior design, that foundation is the space […]

Pro Tip: Don’t Throw Away That Extra Paint

In every job there are frequently asked questions that come up again and again. As a decorative finish artist, one of the queries I often receive is “Do you want this leftover paint?”  While the sentiment is generous, in truth the last thing I need is another can of paint. (And if you’ve ever visited an artist’s studio, you’ll […]

Fantastic Voyage

    The design for the elegant ballroom of this historic Philip Shutze home was inspired by the strength and grace of the SS Normandie cruise ship. During the 1930s, the Streamline Moderne movement was a sub-style of the opulence of Art Deco. It reflected new discoveries of aerodynamic curves with rounded edges while being influenced by the […]

Deja Blue

Nestled in a serene country setting, it was the request of the client to have an updated look while honoring a rustic farmhouse origin. Designer Nina Nash of Mathews Furniture + Design knew that one of the challenges would be to create an interesting blend of color, patterns and textures while maintaining the comfortable family friendly atmosphere. It would require sleek furnishings […]

Faded by Love

Nothing says comfort like your favorite pair of jeans. The older and more faded they get, the better they become. That is why shades of indigo are timeless on both the runway and in the home. This is the feeling that designer Nina Nash of Mathews Home + Design wanted to create in this guest bedroom . . . comfortable, […]

Sterling Reputation

Formal entertaining sometimes seems like a lost art. But for this client, it is alive and well. So when it came time to remodel, her goal was to keep her traditional furnishings but get an updated appearance. The Design Process: Over the years, she has collected beautiful china, crystal and silver pieces. They deserved to be surrounded by elegance. […]