Yes You Can

Brick has become one of the most popular elements in design. Unlike generic drywall, brick is cherished because it offers a touch of texture, unique character and a dab of timeless charm that adapts to any décor style. Reminiscent of previous remodeling of this home, the client chose to keep the brick that was once an exterior wall. […]

Supporting Role

On a recent trip to Tuscany, this client was inspired by the timeless craftsmanship found in the travertine, stone, tiles and plasters. So when it came time to finish out their terrace level, they enlisted the help of Home Expressions Interiors by Laura Bloom, a complete design and remodeling company, to recreate the comfort and elegance of this style but […]

Deja Blue

Nestled in a serene country setting, it was the request of the client to have an updated look while honoring a rustic farmhouse origin. Designer Nina Nash of Mathews Furniture + Design knew that one of the challenges would be to create an interesting blend of color, patterns and textures while maintaining the comfortable family friendly atmosphere. It would require sleek furnishings […]

Faded by Love

Nothing says comfort like your favorite pair of jeans. The older and more faded they get, the better they become. That is why shades of indigo are timeless on both the runway and in the home. This is the feeling that designer Nina Nash of Mathews Home + Design wanted to create in this guest bedroom . . . comfortable, […]

Worth Repeating

This home’s entrance is fit for royalty. The two story foyer is graced by a curved staircase, elegant hardwood floors, and detailed trim. The custom mahogany doors are the focal point, adding definition to the passageway and welcoming guests. In order to emphasize the architectural elements in this stunning foyer, decorative painting was used to tie it […]

Best of Both

The goal for this remodeled keeping room was to create a tasteful blend of rustic style with traditional furnishings. It was apparent that the new white mantel was inconsistent with the cozy ambiance of this space, and being so large, it completely overpowered the room. Instead, it needed to act as a unifying element between […]

Get in Gear

Texture, depth and dimension are always the benchmark for a beautiful faux finish.  It doesn’t matter if the application is on a flat surface or even bringing out the details of architecture. Keep in mind that ANY surface can be enhanced with artistic mediums. . . even 3D elements such as this: A change in […]

Lines of Distinction

We all know how paint can influence the feeling of a space. Did you know that it can also influence the architecture?  This project is a lesson in composition as it refers to paint and interior design. The correct balance of vertical and horizontal lines creates a visual path that will direct the eye to […]

Reflect your style

Our goal was to create a sense of warmth in this space through the innovative use of artistic finishes. The mantel is the largest architectural detail in the room. Enhancing this element provides a prominent design statement and offers a spectacular feature to compliment the art collection.

Center of Attention

In most homes, the mantel is designed to be the main feature of a great room. This is especially true when the mantel soars to the full height of two stories. The beautiful stack stone craftsmanship was already a work of art but deserved a regal frame.     The Design Process: A dimensional bronze technique was carefully chosen […]

Grand Entrance

Faux finishes and decorative artistry add intrigue to a foyer.  A circular walkway poses a challenge for incorporating artwork.  The art was created within the curved barrel niche to appear as an aged fresco painting.  It is so dimensional that everyone who walks by wants to touch it.

Attention to Detail

The original request for this space was to apply a faux finish to the walls in an effort to warm up this grand room. But the problem was not the walls . . . it was all of the white and non-descript architectural features. That is when we turned our attention to these details.    […]