Concrete has been receiving a lot of attention lately. It is a material that you may first think of only for its structural purposes. While it represents raw strength, architects and designers also recognize the beauty of this organic material for its subliminal message of safety, stability, substance and integrity. If you study concrete, you […]

Concrete Solutions and Atlanta Faux Finishes

Placing a piano in a room can require as much expertise as playing it. The first masterpiece is the piano itself which is embedded in a culture steeped in centuries of tradition. It takes equal amounts of design skill and careful balance of every element to create the perfect setting with decorative finishes that present […]

Perfect Harmony: Faux-Finished Cabinetry and Plaster

Every year the Atlanta Food and Wine Festival  proves to be one of the area’s most celebrated events for culinary enthusiasts. This year’s festivities included a new venue at ADAC‒ the Atlanta Decorative Arts Center. Chefs from the Rathbun’s watch list were partnered with outstanding designers in Atlanta to create exhibits that offered a full sensory experience to showcase […]

Dancing Walls: An Ombre Decorative Painting Treatment

Sometimes small spaces can pose the biggest design challenges. This powder room is on a terrace level that services a theater room, a bar, a pool table, and also provides access to the pool outside. In essence, it is amidst “party central,” but needed to follow the elegant design aesthetics throughout the rest of the […]

Sugar on Top: Decorative Painting Powder Room Makeover

Throughout history, wine has been a symbol of special events. It celebrates joyful times, special friends, and moments worthy of remembering. It is not surprising that people want to care for and showcase their cherished collections of fine wine and design a space dedicated to this purpose . . . the wine cellar. Designing these […]

Raise Your Glass: Custom Faux Finished Wine Cellar

The “Craftsman style” originated in Britain and has made its way to the US in the late 1800’s.  It is distinguished by the harmony of simplicity and function.  What I love about this style is the way it celebrates originality, quality of artistic handicrafts and attention to details.  This project is a perfect example. The […]

Every Square Inch

Neutral furnishings offer a distinct design advantage. It allows the opportunity to introduce any color in a bold manner. Our goal was to create an envelope of rich color to make the neutral furnishings in this room stand out.       The Design Process:   We usually see smooth high gloss applications with tone on tone palettes. This faux finish […]

Ruby Slipper

Consistent with a historical theme, this designer has skillfully blended a respect for tradition with unexpected details. Her concept was to utilize a faux finish that represents the beautiful effects that happen as a result of time.     The Design Process: Wainscot paneling is usually about 30”–36” high. In this case, it is more than half the height of […]

Lost and Found

Inspired by Grecian architecture, this master bathroom remodel is adorned with graceful curves. The client described that her goal was to feel as if she walked into an elegant spa ready to be pampered with luxury.   The Design Process: The stone tiles and the new granite served as the inspiration for soft neutral tones […]

The Great Escape

A small butler’s pantry is situated immediately adjacent to a room of grand scale. The goal of this faux finish was to enhance the area to compliment but not compete with the furnishings. The pewter fixtures and stainless steel appliances drive a monochromatic color scheme that is punctuated in black. The drama is provided by […]

Silver Lining

Precious little girls start out as princesses.  Then one day, they grow up to be independent and dynamic young women.  Expressing their individuality usually begins early.  One way to honor their individuality is to encourage them to join in the process of creating a personal space that reflects their own personality . . . their […]


A creative faux finish on the walls of a dining room tells a story about your style.

Storybook Ending