Aging Gracefully: Dining Room Faux Finishes

“We need to envelope this room with a wall finish to soften the appearance. They need a subtle pattern. It must appear old but also have an updated feeling. I want to create an elegant dining experience.” This was the wish list of designer Andie Anderson when describing her vision for this dining room.

before dining room remodel after dining room wall faux finish

The design process:

The design for this wall pattern was inspired by the consistent use of a quatrefoil paired with the classic fleur de lis throughout the home.

Although this repeat pattern was created with a custom stencil, it was made to appear as if some of the impressions have faded based upon exposure to the sun. The subtle shimmer of the finish is reminiscent of aged silk and compliments the crystal chandelier. It suggests that it has been on these walls for many years yet remains too beautiful to change.


A soft and neutral color palette is the perfect backdrop for accents of bright contemporary colors. This wall finish creates juxtaposition between old and new creating the illusion that it has aged gracefully over time.

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Design by: Andie Anderson, ASID LaJolla Design Group 972-809-5717

Photography by: Doug Sturgess 770-329-3199

See the adjoining foyer here.


  1. Kass This turned out beautiful. I love what you guys did.. Keep up the great work..

  2. Lovely work, as always, Kass.
    Continued success to you.

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