Choosing Paint Colors: Do’s and Don’ts, Part 2

In our last post we shared some do’s and dont’s for selecting paint colors. Read on for part 2 with a few more tips and tricks from Atlanta decorative finish artist Kass Wilson. DO consider the finish. Color is not the only consideration when it comes to selecting finishes for walls, ceilings, floors, and architectural features. […]

Choosing Paint Colors: Do’s and Don’ts, Part 1

What’s the first step to building a sturdy house? It’s simple; start by laying a strong foundation. The same goes for home design. No matter what furnishings, art, lighting, and accessories you add to a space, the design must have a good foundation in order to work as a whole. When it comes to interior design, that foundation is the space […]

Behind Closed Doors

When we think about closets, one of the most famous was in the TV series, “Sex and the City”.  The most important space in Carrie Bradshaw’s Manhattan apartment was her closet. It reflected her passion for high fashion.  “I like my money right where I can see it . . . hanging in my closet” […]