Bigger is better

The purchase of a new television set was the catalyst for change in this keeping room.  It became apparent that this cabinet would need to be adapted to accommodate  the new electronics.  Once that was done,  a lot of repairs would be necessary.  The initial request was to return it to the original cabinet finish.  Based upon all of the changes that were going to be made, this cabinet was destined to be completely repainted.  With some imagination and creativity, we decided to go in a whole new direction.

The design process:

This cabinet is the largest architectural detail in the room.  Yet, it didn’t stand out as a focal point.  Contrast was the answer.  A faux finish using a wood grain technique (faux bois) was the obvious choice.  Tones were chosen to blend with the hardwood floors and bar stools in the adjoining kitchen.  The painted  illusion of wood was extended out to the drywall on the sides.  Since the new TV was so large, the additional width made it appear more in proportion with the cabinet.

The deep colors of the faux wood grain  flow effortlessly where it meets the flooring.  Then it carries your eye all the way to the tall ceiling to emphasize the height.  This painted cabinet has become the feature attraction of the space.  The addition of the rich faux finish of wood offers warmth and an unmistakable  perception of quality to this home.

For more detailed information about this project, watch our new video on YouTube.

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  1. This is simply AWESOME! I just love it!

  2. Kass, this may be my favorite of all of your faux projects!! Cannot believe how well you matched the color and grain of the wood floor, and taking the renovation in this direction is genius!

  3. Kass, I love what you did here, keep up the great work and keep inspiring one and all. Love what you did with the video as well.

  4. Magnifico and only using one shelf was BRILLIANT too!

  5. Kathy Powell says

    Kass, Nicely done! You worked your magic by repurposing what you had to work with and really enhanced the appearance with the faux finish. The video was easy to understand too. You did good!

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