From the minute you drive into this manicured estate property, it is apparent that it is a traditional English style.   This style is alive and well here in the South.  Designer, Shane Meder of Black Sheep Interiors skillfully provided updated features in this kitchen while respecting the traditional architecture throughout the home. The Design […]

Alive and Well

Color is a wonderful design tool. But too much of a dark hue can make a room feel closed in. When all of the wood surfaces and furnishings share the same tone, nothing stands out. Lightening up some of the details in these rooms can yield a fresh modern style.           […]

Lighten up… Updating a Traditional Great Room

Navy blue and “dress blues” … this name originated from the uniforms of the British Royal Navy. It is still used for other first class distinctions representing dependability, sophistication, excellence and even corporate stature. Deep blues remain popular and are always on trend because they adjust to all styles and are easily paired with just […]

Dress Blues: Painted Cabinetry Creates a Bold New Look

Remodeling the 60,000 square foot TPC Sugarloaf clubhouse has been an ongoing project for interior designer Janie Hirsch. This majestic country club is designed in a classic Southern architectural style set on the 1200 acre site of the Rollins Farm in Duluth, GA. The Sugarloaf Lounge, (often referred to by golfers as the Nineteenth Hole) was her starting point. It includes beautiful […]

The 19th Hole: Clubhouse Cabinetry Refinishing

So often when we think of “updating,” we have visions of changing to clean lines and contemporary materials. But what happens when you must remain in keeping with the traditional style throughout the rest of the home?     The Design Process: Interior designer Jo Rabaut of Rabaut Design Associates created a fresh look in this master […]

Easy on the Eyes: Bathroom Cabinetry Refinishing

This client recently updated their master bedroom to include more muted tones and sleek lines. A master bath is usually considered an extension of the adjoining bedroom. It soon became apparent that we needed to turn our attention to the bath and address the flow of both color and style.       The Design Process: Painting over finely crafted […]

Subtle Suggestions: Master Bath Cabinetry Refinishing

Placing a piano in a room can require as much expertise as playing it. The first masterpiece is the piano itself which is embedded in a culture steeped in centuries of tradition. It takes equal amounts of design skill and careful balance of every element to create the perfect setting with decorative finishes that present […]

Perfect Harmony: Faux-Finished Cabinetry and Plaster

It is a well known fact that investing in a kitchen update yields a high return on the value of your home. Refinishing your cabinets may be a part of the plan. But, this sophisticated kitchen remodel utilizes some clever ideas for kitchen cabinetry that offers more than just a change of color.   This […]

More Than Color: Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

A faux finish is created on cabinets that mimics driftwood.

Fooling Nature

There is no debating that this home is Southern Traditional architecture.  But what happens when you prefer a less formal, more casual image?  How do you preserve the elegance of traditional style but also create a more current image?  The answer. . . shift into neutral!   That is the dilemma that challenged this client. […]

Shift Into Neutral

    This beautiful table desk was intended to be the main feature of this study. But, the harsh white cabinets overpowered the beauty of the wood and detail of the exotic wood grain.       It was not enough to make the cabinets similar in color tones. The desk needed to be surrounded by identical book-matched burl to give […]

Strictly Business

The beauty of this home is the use of finely crafted organic materials . . . stone on the mantel, wood on the floor and wonderful textures in the fabrics. Even the book cases reflect attention to detail for the craftsmanship that has been incorporated. But the one element that doesn’t fit is the fact that they are […]

Rags to Riches