The feature wall in the remodel of this great room represented the client’s love of very ornate details. The detailed carving on the bookcases was a perfect opportunity to add a faux finish that would be consistent with this style.     Although the cabinetry began as white, a change to rich colors was in order. Now, the bodies of […]

Midas Touch

  Inspiration for cabinet finishes can come from unexpected places. After returning from a wonderful visit to the ocean, this color palette was inspired by the client’s favorite beach bag!     The design process:   The goal was to replicate the energetic feeling from their favorite vacation destination . . . the beach. A bright citrus green […]


Color. . . lots of color wakes up this sleepy kitchen as it honors the true French style. The original faux finish on the cabinets was intended to represent “antiquing.” But against the crisp white of the trim and appliances, this client thought they just looked dirty! Her vision was to remodel this kitchen to create a happy environment for family gatherings. […]

French Bistro

The true look of distressing or antiquing requires the application of numerous faux finish techniques that represent the process of aging in real life. For example, crack patterns follow the graining of the wood. Rubbing appears over the raised details represents wear. The glaze is allowed to settle in the crevices. The result is a […]

Time Will Tell

Faux finishes over plain white cabinets complete the design for this bathroom.  Traditional English toile fabric is complimented by an Old West style of cabinetry. Bold color of the refinished cabinetry is the unifying element. Tones of rustic red surround the center doors and draw the eye to the middle. The main feature is the […]

East Meets West

Inspired by Grecian architecture, this master bathroom remodel is adorned with graceful curves. The client described that her goal was to feel as if she walked into an elegant spa ready to be pampered with luxury.   The Design Process: The stone tiles and the new granite served as the inspiration for soft neutral tones […]

The Great Escape

How exciting!  An investment was made to upgrade kitchen cabinets from white to wood.  But one piece of the puzzle was missing.  The doors to the pantry and  entry to the garage remained white.  This abruptly interrupted the visual flow of the richness of the new wood cabinetry.  A  gap of white remained as a […]

Fill in the blanks

A faux wood grain technique is used for cabinet refinishing

Bigger is better

Multiiple “design tricks” were incorporated to transform this master bath into a place of elegance and intrigue.  The harsh contrast of the black chest next to white cabinetry had not been resolved by simple glazing. Many times when we look at cabinetry, there is a tendency to apply a finish as if it is one single architectural detail.  In […]

Strategic Planning

He wants the richness of wood.  She wants an updated color.  How do you keep everyone happy?  Creating a kitchen that accommodates both personalities requires creative planning.  One solution is to look at how you can incorporate more than one finish in a single space.  During our first meeting, we looked through a large portfolio of cabinet finishes.  […]

Split Personality

     This project took place in a large furniture and design showroom. The challenge was to define the reception area, changing the “accent wall” into a true “focal wall” to create a stunning backdrop. The clever addition of a dramatic textural faux finish technique and rich metallics offers a treat that is both visual and […]

Defining Moments

A faux finish is applied to a kitchen island that appears to be inlays of dimensional copper.

Kitchen Named Desire