Decorative painting has many applications in interior design, from subtle problem solving to over-the-top impact. Certain techniques, styles, and colors work better in large spaces and some in small. When it comes to decorating small spaces, this piece of interior design advice may seem counterintuitive- but trust us, you’ll love the results. Go big or […]

Decorative Painting: Go Big in Small Spaces

As we have been discussing in our Define Your Style series, there is so much more to interior design than just traditional and contemporary. From urban industrial to wabi sabi, the possibilities for self-expression are endless! English country and other traditional design styles are popular with Atlanta homeowners, but there is one take on the look that seems […]

Defining Your Style: Today’s Traditional

You may have heard that “brass is out,” but that actually couldn’t be further from the truth!  Builder-basic shiny yellow brass hardware and light fixtures that evoke the 1990’s are in fact dated, but there is so much to love about classic and versatile brass. Today’s brass is all about warmth and patina. Unlike other metallics, which can seem cold, brass creates a […]

Interior Design Trend: Embracing Brass

If you have been following our series on defining your style, you know that there is so much more to interior design than just “traditional” and “contemporary.” For those who enjoy sleek modern spaces, yet also crave bold character and a sense of history, urban industrial style is a match made in heaven. Urban industrial […]

Defining Your Style: Urban Industrial

What makes a house a home? What gives character to a space? As an Atlanta faux finish artist, my specialty lies in embracing the details. Often it is the imperfections, the subtle nuances that make something special, and that is exactly what wabi sabi style is all about. What is Wabi Sabi? The simple definition […]

Defining Your Style: Wabi Sabi

When it comes to defining their style, many clients describe their personal aesthetic as “traditional.” While that is a good start, our challenge as design professionals is to drill down and ascertain exactly what type of traditional style the client wants in order to deliver the best results. As you can see from a quick […]

Defining Your Style: What is ‘Traditional’ Interior Design?

As a faux finish painter and decorative artist, I have the privilege of collaborating with talented interior designers in a multitude of design styles. Helping to create a space that reflects the personality and passions of the client is one of the most rewarding elements of the job. Every project is a one-of-a-kind that is as unique as […]

Defining Your Style: Ralph Lauren English Country

We are extremely excited to offer an update to the way we keep our fans inspired. Just like before, our goal with this website and blog is to share exciting before and after photos of actual projects. Watch for them in your IN box, become a fan on our FB page or sign up via […]

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