Defining Your Style: Ralph Lauren English Country

As a faux finish painter and decorative artist, I have the privilege of collaborating with talented interior designers in a multitude of design styles. Helping to create a space that reflects the personality and passions of the client is one of the most rewarding elements of the job. Every project is a one-of-a-kind that is as unique as each individual.

Clients often struggle to define exactly what they are looking for from a remodeling project. Interior design is so often reduced to simple catch-all categories such as traditional, contemporary, transitional, eclectic. It can be challenging to find the words to express their goals and the feelings that they want their new space to evoke. To help with this, we are beginning a series about Defining Your Style.
Let’s begin with a style that is near and dear to my heart, the English Equestrian theme inspired by legendary designer Ralph Lauren.  He is a master of blending a traditionally inspired design aesthetic with a rustic, cozy feeling.  One of the advantages is that this style is equally appreciated by both men and women.
rustic preppy bedroom design

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Of Ralph Lauren’s many styles, one of the most iconic is inspired by traditional English equestrian elements like leather, tweed, and tartan, with traditional mainstays like Persian rugs and brass chandeliers. This refined country interior design style is eclectic yet classic, elegantly casual and lived-in.

Ralph Lauren style interior design

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Riding elements and tartan plaids lend an English air to these spaces. Rich, warm woods, brown leather, and overstuffed chairs invite you to sit down and relax.

equestrian inspired interior design

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English equestrian interior design

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When it comes to color, elegant country style is all about less-is-more. Think black, white, tan, and brown with navy, burgundy, and hunter green.

Ralph Lauren country library

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English country style collection from Ralph Lauren Home

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Leather-bound books, busts, figurines, hunting trophies, and English riding equipment all contribute to a feeling of classic, lived-in sophistication, while hunting, equestrian, and pastoral-themed art in gold frames complete the look.

modern equestrian interior design

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For more contemporary homes, English country style can be updated with clean lines and light colors while still incorporating an equestrian theme.


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