Defining Your Style: Urban Industrial

If you have been following our series on defining your style, you know that there is so much more to interior design than just “traditional” and “contemporary.” For those who enjoy sleek modern spaces, yet also crave bold character and a sense of history, urban industrial style is a match made in heaven.

industrial living room with metal walls

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Urban industrial interior design is best embodied by the idea of the converted industrial loft. Historic renovation projects all over the country have turned disused mills and factories into unique loft apartments that exude personality. Original brick walls, rugged wood floors, and enormous steel windows create a sense of laid-back cool, while open floor plans and lots of natural light give these spaces an open, airy feeling.

industrial style kitchen

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Of course, you don’t have to live in a remodeled factory in order to enjoy urban industrial interior design! You can embrace this look in your Atlanta home with some strategic choices in lighting, furnishings, and accessories.

industrial lighting in kitchen

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 There are so many fantastic options in industrial lighting these days, from real vintage fixtures salvaged from factories to brand-new reproductions that give you the same sturdy, utilitarian look with a dash of retro style. Spotlight-style lamps, exposed bulb “Edison” pendants, standing floodlights, and many other options are available, and they are a great way to inject that industrial look into your interior design.

urban industrial coffee table

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Furnishings offer the same wide range of vintage and reproduction choices. Look for features like reclaimed wood, casters, zinc tabletops, rivets, and pipes. You can even find furniture made from old shipping pallets.

urban industrial storage idea

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Upgrading your storage is another good way to add some industrial style to your home, and it can be as simple as using metal baskets and bins on a wooden bookshelf. Old footlockers, file cabinets, wire racks, and card catalogs can make great conversation pieces while also expanding your storage options.

custom industrial table with faux finishes

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And remember, faux finishes can give you the best of both worlds, adding patina and character to brand new furnishings and architectural elements, as seen with this urban contemporary custom table featuring faux finishes which give the wooden gear the look of aged metal.

What captures the essence of industrial style to you? Weigh in with your comments below.

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