Faded by Love: A Guest Bedroom Remodel

Nothing says comfort like your favorite pair of jeans. The older and more faded they get, the better they become. That is why shades of indigo are timeless on both the runway and in the home. This is the feeling that designer Nina Nash of Mathews Home + Design wanted to create in this guest bedroom . . . comfortable, casual and relaxed.
before guest room faux finish   after guest room remodel
The Design Process:
Shades of denim are a versatile neutral. Pairing shades of indigo with white and/or gray adds a sense of sophistication that works well to complement any style. The accent wall of wood created the perfect textured backdrop for the crisp bedding and accessories. A light color wash finish allowed the beauty of the natural wood grain to remain while unifying all of the color tones in the room.
The soothing stone-washed color palette, coupled with a mixture of contemporary and rustic accessories, sends the same message as your favorite blue jeans . . . worn by time and faded by love. What a wonderful invitation for guests!
Explore the adjoining space, a family-friendly, flexible play room, in Deja Blue.
Designed by: 
Nina Nash
Mathews Furniture + Design
For more work by Atlanta decorative painter Kass Wilson, please visit our Faux Finish Projects.


  1. Brenda Patterson says

    Magical transformation.
    Congratulations to Nina Nash on her design,
    and HATS OFF to Kass Wilson for the magnificent transformation with paint!

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