Fantastic Voyage: A Streamline Moderne Ceiling Finish

Art Deco remodel   Art Deco decorative finish ceiling
The design for the elegant ballroom of this historic Philip Shutze home was inspired by the strength and grace of the SS Normandie cruise ship.
During the 1930s, the Streamline Moderne movement was a sub-style of the opulence of Art Deco. It reflected new discoveries of aerodynamic curves with rounded edges while being influenced by the austerity of the economic climate of that time.
The Design Process:
I once read that the ultimate goal of design is not to reduce the complexity but to create the illusion of simplicity. As described by Don Draper, “Make it simple but significant.”
The subtle gold faux finish on the ceiling allowed the details of the graceful cast molding to stand out prominently and related to the intricate craftsmanship of brass inlays on the flooring. Anything more would have been too much. This space is an obvious representation of simplicity and luxury at its best.
Flooring by:
Olde Savannah Flooring
Bill Riley

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    Amazing the warmth and depth achieved with the gold tones.

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