Good Things in 3s

Rumor has it that good things come in 3’s and that was certainly true in this home. The home had 3 white mantels that needed to be transformed with artistic finishes. The objective was to give each one a unique personality that would elevate them beyond ordinary.

contemporary fireplace before    traditional fireplace before    before fireplace faux finish

These mantels had very different architectural styles. A sophisticated monochromatic color scheme flowed throughout this home.  Utilizing multiple faux finish techniques, all with the same colors, the mantels now accommodate the unique style of the individual rooms.  This is how it was done. . .

Mantel #1: Contemporary

Straight lines defined this mantel as contemporary. The sleek architecture was emphasized by continuing the appearance in size of the marble/ travertine inset.  The addition of a faux painted marble technique visually enlarged the proportions and gave it a more dramatic scale for the space.

Mantel #2: Traditional

The prominent bold raised design on this mantel is reminiscent of a traditional or old world style.  Adding a faux texture created the illusion of intricate hand carved stone and brought the details to life. The matte sheen and dimensional effect work to soften the glossy surfaces that are prominent in this room.

Mantel #3Casual elegance

Being a terrace level recreation room this mantel had simple architectural details that celebrated a casual living area.  Two different decorative techniques were used to unify the natural elements in this space.  A faux painted travertine technique was used on the straight surfaces as an outline.  The texture over the curved elements created dimension and interest by relating to the floor tiles and stack stone immediately outside.  Together, these artistic finishes blended the colors and added a unique focal point to this room.

Although the color tones for each mantel remained the same, it is amazing how paint and texture products can be manipulated to accommodate many different styles.  It just goes to show. . . neutral doesn’t HAVE to be ordinary!

Which one is YOUR favorite?  Be sure to let me know.

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  1. Great way to display some really amazing transformations! Looking forward to working together soon!

  2. Kass,
    Always an inspiration! Your clients are so blessed to have your insight!

  3. Fabulous as always. I enjoyed your newsletter!

  4. MarthaJohnson says

    All three mantels are fabulous, but I think my favorite is #2, as it is the most dramatically changed, and because in my own mantel I have some carved details and dental-work which I can visualize being transformed in the same way. I think the #3 mantel is my next favorite as you were able to so closely match the tile hearth with added texture. Very nice!

  5. Barbara Shelton, CKD, Allied ASID says

    Beautiful, your interpretation of each style is dead on. Great work.

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