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This space may be small . . . but the impact is grand!  A monochromatic color scheme makes the area look large.  The multiple textures give it depth and interest.  The room is anchored with the “weight” of the illusion of a carved limestone mantel treatment.   Interest is enhanced by adding a small raised detail panel that is appropriate for the style of the room.  It was created on a separate piece and hung on the center giving it the appearance of being a part of the carved stone. The added advantage . . . it can easily be removed to accommodate any future changes in decor.

The design process:

When choosing a faux finish for a mantel, you must consider the “visual weight”.  Dark colors or high contrast of color will make a feature appear larger in scale.  If a room is big, that is fine.  But, in this example, the illusion of stone is what makes the mantel appear more grand.  In keeping with a monochromatic color scheme, the proportions remain in scale so it does not overpower the space.  It blends effortlessly with the window treatments and accessories in the space.  Interest is added by incorporating different textures in the same color palate.

If you are considering the look of stone or marble, be sure that it is believable.  A real mantel is rarely a solid slab.  It is usually assembled in pieces.  A good faux finish will honor that.


  1. Kass,
    As usual your work is absolutley AMAZING!

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  2. Hello Kass…love the fireplaces you have done. Your work is beautiful! Hope things are well with you.

    Best Regards,

    Kelly S King

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