Hi Shine, High Design: High Gloss Lacquer Walls

A well placed accent wall will coax the eye to a focal point. But introducing high gloss lacquer will certainly attract attention. There is something magical about the lustrous look of glossy surfaces that shouts glamour and luxury. The drama of a high gloss shine on walls creates a stage for light to dance adding another layer of depth to a space.









The Design Process:

Interior designer, Kate Hayes, utilized a bold color for the high gloss lacquer walls in this dining room. The bright hue and high sheen offered a striking backdrop to compliment the client’s modern furnishings and art collection. It became a statement that punctuates the contemporary architecture and makes the space appear larger.


High gloss lacquer is very different from basic glossy paint. It begins with a perfectly smooth and meticulously prepped surface followed by many layers of professionally sprayed topcoats to achieve the mirror-like reflective quality. In this case, we used Hollandlac from Fine Paints of Europe. Notice the intense reflection that has been achieved by this stunning process. Painting a room with high gloss lacquer turns a space into a jewel box that glows. But, true lacquering isn’t considered a DIY- friendly job. It requires labor, skill and the right equipment to create this flawless surface. From all angles, the glossy sheen creates a gorgeous reflection with a glow that draws you in. There is nothing quite like it.

Kate Hayes Design

Products from:
Fine Paints of Europe
Gregory’s Paint

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