Prime Real Estate

What defines “prime” real estate? It is a reference to quality of the perfect location in an environment that is both visually appealing as well as inviting. In our homes, we are often looking for the “prime” space to feature items that are important to us. At first glance, it is rarely exactly as we want it. Having a vision of what can be is the key to designing the space of your dreams.

Atlanta decorative painting- before decorative painting in Atlanta

In this craftsman style home, we needed a location to feature the client’s art collection. Their dining room offered a large expanse of walls that would accommodate all of the pieces. Immediately off of the foyer, the french doors provide a sense of importance to this space. They act as an invitation to enter and view something special.

The Design Process:

The goal was to create a warm “envelope” filled with subtle textures in neutral colors. As described by the client, “I want my home to be elegant but livable.” Knowing that she had an appreciation for the unexpected, a faux finish was designed for the walls and ceiling that would be uniquely hers.

The harsh contrast of the white trim against the deep wall color was the first thing to address. Then, a faux finish of rich reflective texture was carefully woven together with tones of the blue accent color for interest. A rectilinear pattern gives a tailored impression that is consistent with geometric lines of the craftsman style. More warmth is achieved by the addition of a complimentary faux finish on the ceiling of deep bronze. Subtle shifts of neutral values within this room now echo the color palate that flows throughout the home.

In the end, these faux finishes offer a stunning backdrop for the display of cherished treasures. It has become “prime real estate.” This space is more than just a place to gather and dine . . . it is an experience!

Do you have a place in your home that is “prime real estate”? Are you making the most of it? We welcome your comments below. Visit my faux finish projects for more transformations.

It was wonderful working on this project with interior designer, Janie Smith of 3 Gates Interiors (404-368-9490). Her energy and creativity made it fun, and I am proud to be a part of this gorgeous project.


  1. As Usual another Kass masterpiece!

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