Branded Elements: Faux Finish Statement Walls for a Corporate Office

“Offering agile client services that develop creative legal solutions for our clients.” This is the branding message for the law firm of Lawrence & Bundy. Paying attention to valuable feature walls, they understood the importance of how the design of their offices could carry their message and influence the way their firm is experienced by visitors and employees. The ultimate perception they wanted was that of stability, creativity and the importance they place on developing collaborative relationships.
Before decorative wall painting    After decorative wall painting 

The design process:

Based upon color theory, aubergine was chosen because it blends the introspective stability of blue/ purple with the power and fierce energy of red. The ultimate message it portrays is that of balance through innovation, negotiation and harmony. Likewise, the techniques used in the artistic wall finishes represent the strength that is achieved when these qualities are intermingled.
Even in the partner’s office, the glass walls and furniture placement signals a collaborative culture, while the hand painted contemporary wall pattern supports the consistency of their branding message.
Not only do an attorney’s words and actions build trust, but subtle and repetitive visual branding elements like these accent walls are the supporting evidence that reinforces their
message and the value they place on relationships.
Lawrence & Bundy LLC
1180 West Peachtree Street, NW
Suite 1650
Atlanta, GA 30309
404-400-3350 main
404-400-3347 direct
404-609-2504 fax


  1. Great Work! It added so much warmth to the space!

  2. Beautiful work Kass!

  3. Gorgeous! The color blend is very impressive. It definitely conveys their professionalism & branding.

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