Talent on Loan: Faux Finished Wooden Beams

This project was located on top of a mountain in Colorado. It is an inspiring place where there is a deep appreciation for the beauty that nature provides in its pure state. The previous owner of the home had painted all of the cedar beams chocolate brown. First on the priority list for this remodel was to return these majestic architectural details to their original splendor.  Faux wood graining (commonly referred to as “faux bois” ) is one of my passions.  It didn’t take much “arm twisting” to convince me to take on this challenge.

BEFORE faux woodgraining Atlanta faux woodgraining Atlanta

The Design Process:

Since these beams are structural, it was not feasible to replace them.  With the rough texture of the cedar, “refinishing” would have been messy, time consuming and  potentially damaging to the natural appearance.  A painted faux finish offered a cost effective solution with more predictable results.  It also provided an obvious advantage of controlling the tones within the wood.  In every room  we were able to blend  hues to unify the existing elements and compliment the future color scheme.

Artist’s Secret: When applying any wood grain technique,  the composition of the artistic finish is critical.  I begin by trying to imagine the tree in its original state. Every brush stroke should magically reveal the  story of its life . . . a year of drought, a season of plenty, a limb that sprouted. In this case, the rough texture offered many clues.  Each layer of the process is like exposing a hidden treasure of time.  The long wavy grains were enhanced, existing knots were celebrated and then  more embellishments were invented for added interest.

In the end, painting the beams throughout this home  is a reflection of style which honors its dramatic surroundings.  The best compliment is when no one can guess that I was there. It is always a privilege to be able to mimic the greatest artist of all . . . nature.   It is my gift that I am honored to share.

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  1. Linda Miller says

    these beams look EXACTLY like the real wood. the detail in the grain is superb. definitely on loan from God!

  2. Kass you did an outstanding job.

  3. Great job Kass. The resemblance to wood is remarkable.

  4. Nice Job Kass. You made a significant differrence in the look of this house; your work continues to show preminent skill in faux finishes

  5. Nice Job Kass. You made a significant differrence in the look of this house; your work continues to show your preeminent skill in doing faux finishes.

  6. I love how you enhanced the existing grain to bring out the true beauty of the wood. It looks unbelievably realistic. You brought back the integrity of the wood in this home!

  7. Shirley Barber says

    Kass, I had the opportunity to see this project in person. The end result is just outstanding and made a HUGE difference in the look of the rooms. You truly are gifted.

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