The Extra Mile

Beginning with a blank canvas can be extremely challenging. Where do you start? What is your inspiration? In a kitchen, it begins with defining FUNCTION. Once the layout is determined, we move forward with how it will look from every vantage point.

Atlanta kitchen remodel before   Atlanta kitchen remodel after

Start by selecting the items that have the most limited options for color, size and/or price. This is often the main focal point or “grounding” element of a space. In a large room, it can be an area rug or piece of art. But, in a kitchen it is usually the granite. This is your initial inspiration that will drive all decisions about colors, style and where you want your attention to travel. Next is the tile back splash and the cabinetry. They will follow as a backdrop that surrounds these important features. But, don’t stop there . . .  now comes the challenge! The basic selections can be wonderful and “go together.” But it is the added attention to details that will give you an opportunity to enhance all of the beautiful features within a space for a “WOW.” This is where you can “go the extra mile.”

Faux finishing offers infinite technique and color solutions that will work to unify all of the  elements within a space.  Ideally, this is explored early in the design process. Teaming up with a talented designer is a great way to create and utilize innovative ideas that you may have never thought about. Together, we work to identify unique ways to make all of these features come to life. Developing a complete plan from the beginning allows the freedom to incorporate many great ideas BEFORE construction starts. Trying to add them later can be very costly, time consuming or even impossible.

The Design Process:

In this scenario, we focused our attention upward. Imagine how this kitchen would appear if the large ceiling was allowed to remain flat. Since it is not very high, there is a tendency to believe that leaving it a light color will make it appear taller. Instead, notice how the addition of  bold trim in the center works to define the space. It adds balance and interest, draws your eye upward and eliminates the appearance of vast emptiness. The frame was painted with a faux wood grain technique that matches the cabinets to perfection. The inset is a softened metallic finish that compliments both the custom tile on the back splash and the light fixtures.

In large kitchens, even the beauty of wood can become overly repetitious. Adding distressed black on select door fronts and the back of the display cabinets offers an unpredictable but subtle detail. Notice how it draws attention to the dimension of the doors, outlines the accessories and emphasizes the curved arches in the cabinets.

This kitchen remodel is candy to the eye. Using multiple but subtle faux finishes allows all of the features to stand out. There is a delicate and unique balance of details that encourages your eye to glide across the room to appreciate the architecture and accessories. Going that extra mile gives an unmistakable statement of quality and  design sophistication.

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Special thanks to designer, Christine Barnes for this wonderful kitchen remodel  .  .  .   770 241 2302

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  1. We have worked with Kass for the last five years. With her eye for detail and her decorative artistry, she has transformed our home into a very warm and beautiful home.

  2. Beautiful!

  3. Hi Kass!

    Your work continues to amaze me. All the best in the new year. I hope we have many more creative and fun projects together!!

  4. Hi Kass!

    Your work continues to amaze me. Looking forward to our next project together!!

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