Wake up call

before decorative painting   after decorative painting

This kitchen renovation was near completion.  To “wake it up”, the vent hood was embellished with a textured design and highlighted to enhance the details.  Applying a black finish to the bottom drawers creates a more substantial focal point in the center.

The wall colors were chosen to blend with the window treatments.  An elegant reflective faux finish now surrounds the new cabinetry and compliments the luxurious sheen of the fabric.  Squares of a bronze damask design adds an unexpected element.  This detail is a departure from the ordinary and predictable.  It is a unique blend of a timeless pattern with an updated contemporary twist.  The result is a sophisticated renovation that combines modern flair with a respect for traditional style.

The Design Process:

Getting new cabinets is not necessarily a guarantee that you will have the designer kitchen that you have always dreamed of.  This homeowner recognized early in the renovation process that something was missing.  It was the absence of a strong point of interest . . . something that will break up the repetition of the standard cabinet finish.  The larger the kitchen, the more important this becomes.  Sometimes this can be achieved by merely having the island a different color.  But, if your ceilings are tall, you need to stretch that focal point higher than waist level.  In this case, the vent hood was the obvious choice.

A contrast of black is always dramatic.  To add more interest, a raised texture was applied to the inset on the vent hood.  Outlining the raised areas in bronze further highlighted the details that are incorporated into the cabinetry  This adds a touch of elegance and intrigue.  Finishing the lower drawers in black creates the appearance of a tower and accentuates the height of the ceilings.  There is no longer any question about where your eye travels when you enter this kitchen.  Simple faux finishes in unexpected places provide the dramatic “wake up call” that was needed to make this space spectacular.

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  1. Wall colors are good in combination with blended window as well as the texture is nice.


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