What Makes a Good Interior Design Client?

open mindedThere is a lot of talk about how to find and hire a good interior designer, but have you ever wondered what it takes to be a good client? Capella Kincheloe tackled the topic in her latest blog post and she had some great tips to share.

Have some faith. Most people hire an interior designer in order to get a more interesting, beautiful, and higher quality result than they could achieve on their own, so let your designer do the job he or she was hired for! If you liked their work enough to hire them, trust that they will come through with yet another beautiful end result for you.

Be honest. Don’t: Go behind your designer’s back to make purchases or execute their ideas. Do: Honor your word. That goes for everything from keeping appointments to paying your bill on time.

Keep an open mind. This really is crucial in any kind of creative, collaborative project, especially interior design. Interior designers are creative for a living. If you let them, they will use that creative spark to come up with something truly special for you!

Banish indecision. Constant second-guessing can prevent your designer from creating a cohesive design and in some cases may even slow the project, resulting in wasted time and money for both of you.

As an Atlanta faux finish painter, I have had the privilege of working on many exciting and unique projects with talented, creative interior designers. These projects have involved everything from faux finishes that mimic wood, copper, and stone, to decorative painting projects that add visual interest to walls, floors, and ceilings! None of these projects would be possible without imaginative interior designers and the clients who trust them (and me) to create something special.

Designers, which of Kincheloe’s list of client virtues do you think is most important? And clients, which is the hardest for you? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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