Words To Live By

Atlanta faux finish project   Atlanta faux finish walls
Back door guests are the best. So often, attempts are made to hide a back entrance. But in this case, it is celebrated.  In this country style home, special friends and family are welcomed with warm words of wisdom.  Meaningful phrases are incorporated into this rustic faux finish. Each spectacular surface shares rich heart felt greetings from the homeowner.

The Design Process:

A color palate was chosen that would complement the flooring. This 5 layer faux finish begins with a base that is suggestive of stone. The home owner provided a list of statements that express her sentiments. From this list, we selected the size, fonts and placement of each phrase. The letters were then individually painted. To complete the look, multiple layers of random texture and glazing techniques were added. This provides even more depth and dimension.

The strength of black provides the accent. It works to “punctuate” the verses, light fixtures and cabinet finish as focal points. Additional artwork is not needed. There is no question where your eye is led as you travel through this space.

All of the layers work together to create the illusion of authentic aging and distressing. It gives the impression that these pearls of wisdom have withstood the test of time. You cannot help but read them each time you enter or leave this home. They are truly words to live by.

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  1. Beautiful and unique. This can really make a house, a home.

  2. That just makes me smile. Your work is inspiring!

  3. Love it!! So simple, yet totally custom, and uplifting.

  4. Kass,
    You continue to be………..AMAZING!!

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