Diamond in the Rough

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When designing a space, architects and designers view every surface as an opportunity to reinforce a client’s branded image. They are aware that an elegant highly polished concrete floor offers many subliminal messages. That is why concrete floors are often thought of as a “diamond in the rough.”

Atlanta concrete floor finishes

We are all familiar with how the process of “polishing” can bring out the beauty of an organic material. Think about stone, marble, granite, precious gems or even wood. The smoother the surface and higher the sheen the more you can visualize the details within. When it comes to concrete, true POLISHING is more than merely grinding and sealing. It involves the use of specialized heavy-duty polishing equipment with diamond-impregnated disks that will gradually grind the concrete to the desired degree of shine and smoothness. This is NOT a job for a weekend warrior!

We often think of concrete for use in an industrial setting. But Gibson Landscape Company was able to envision how this flooring option would be consistent with their values and corporate image. When you factor in the durability and performance, it is no mystery that polished and/or stained concrete has been gaining popularity for commercial, corporate and residential settings as well.

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  1. I had never thought of concrete floors as a diamond in the rough before I read this. However, now that I see these beautiful pictures, I have to agree, polished concrete floors are really nice looking. I think you’re right, having this floor could help a company send multiple subliminal messages.

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