The process begins with the initial consultation. This is the time that we explore the vast number of innovative options of faux finishes and decorative artistry that are possible. It should include all of the decision makers that will be involved with your project . . . especially your interior designer and/or builder. It is important to have samples of your finishes and fabrics that have already been chosen. These are the elements that will drive decisions about the techniques that will be used and the development of the color recipes for each faux finish. If you are working with an interior designer, there is no charge for the initial consultation.
There are a number of factors that will influence the recommendations that are made:

Your personal style: Communication is imperative. Descriptions such as “rustic”, “contemporary” or “old world” leave a lot of room for interpretation. Any visual aids help to translate your personal likes and dislikes. These can include photos or even clippings from magazines. The more specific the information about what you like, the easier it is to meet everyone’s expectations. Actual color choices, style and technique options for faux finishes are infinite. The more information or “pieces of the puzzle” that are available ie: fabric samples, flooring, tile, granite, etc., the easier it will be to identify the faux finish option that is perfect for you.

The color story or flow of the home: Especially with open floor plans, it is important that the tones and style are visually correct from every vantage point. It is not necessary to have all surrounding areas completed but it is important to have a vision of what you will ultimately achieve.

Where to create focal points: As you walk through a home, your eye should travel to points of interest. Intensity and drama of strategically placed faux finishes and decorative artistry are determined by the size, scale and balance of color of all the elements within a space.

The current condition of the existing surfaces: Sometimes, existing surfaces can influence the options that are available. These will be determined during the initial meeting. Specific requirements for preparation of walls or cabinetry before the faux finish application will be outlined in detail.

Your lifestyle and the amount of durability that will be required: Some faux finishes are more durable than others. Some will be required to stand up to steam or intense light. Recommendations will be made based upon your lifestyle and the location of the finish that you are requesting. For example, a dining room is less susceptible to wear and tear than the children’s playroom. Kitchen cabinetry gets more use than the powder room cabinetry.

Your investment: The goal is to provide you with the best design value for your dollar. We work as a member of your design team to present solutions that reward you with the most impact for your investment. Surprisingly, it is often exquisite faux finishes in smaller areas that will create more interest and provide a high level of sophistication to your total look. We are also willing to break down your project and plan for “phases” as time and funds allow.

The options are endless and sometimes overwhelming. It is recommended that your interior design professional and all decision makers are present to work as a team when making selections.
Wallstreat Studio has been creating innovative and custom finishes for over 15 years. During this time they have been documented by both photographs of completed projects and samples of each faux finish. The possibilities are endless. The portfolio contains over 300 faux finishes for you to experience. When we first meet, the color recipes are determined. Wallstreat Studio utilizes a unique process to determine how layers of color will be applied to achieve the end result. You will visualize the process that will take place to complete your finish. Once the exact colors and technique is determined, it is sometimes recommended that the client and/or interior designer be present again as the project is started to provide direction. That may include decisions about intensity of color, placement of designs or “movement” of your faux finish. Rarely, are these decisions be made from a sample board alone. In the event a sample board is required, the cost will be dependent upon the products needed and the time involved. That cost will be refunded when the project is complete.

Upon request, samples of the exact faux finishes can be created at no charge while the project is being completed. Since most faux finishes contain tremendous depth of color, it is a helpful tool for both the client and the interior designer to have for future reference as the final details of the project are being planned.
Since all Wallstreat Studio faux finishes are custom, each project is quoted on an individual basis. Prices “per square foot” are generally used to estimate basic production paint finishes. Many factors are taken into consideration. These include but are not limited to:
  • Size of the project.
  • Intricacy of the finish.
  • The cost of the materials and/ or equipment needed.
  • The number of projects to be done at one time.
  • The height of the walls.
  • The number of “tricky” obstacles in the space.
  • Time limits/ restrictions/ deadlines.
  • Amount of project management involved.
  • Condition of the jobsite.
  • Amount of prep work required.
This is a question that you should be asking ANY contractor that comes into your home. Wallstreat Studio carries full coverage for both personal and business liability as well as workman’s compensation. Certificates of insurance are available upon request. All members of the Wallstreat Studio team are fully bondable.
Once the decisions have been made about which faux finishes will be applied, a contract will be presented. This contract outlines the specifics of the project(s), pricing, prep work that will be required, any conditions of the jobsite that must take place prior to beginning the work and the amount of time that will be needed to complete the work. Once the contract has been signed and a deposit check received, exact scheduling will be confirmed. Every attempt will be made to accommodate the client’s timeline.
Digital photos are usually taken during our first meeting. This is helpful to be able to review the details of the project and facilitate communication with all people who are going to be involved with every aspect of the job. When the project is completed, photos are taken again to show the dramatic transformation that has taken place. Before and after shots are incorporated into the portfolio and utilized as a tool to assist future clients in visualizing the possibilities. On occasion, these photos are submitted to magazines, books, publications or contests. They are also used as tools to teach classes about advanced faux finishes or interior design students. In the event they are chosen as a project to be featured in any publication, a professional photographer will be scheduled to create higher resolution images. At all times, your privacy and identity is respected.
Some of the artistic treatments are available only “to the trade”. This means that they are more complex and therefore require the expertise of a trained professional to recommend the details of a truly custom look. They are decided AFTER the key elements within a room are determined. That would include your area rugs, furnishings and window treatments. These are the items that inspire ideas for the perfect artistic finish application. The planning, specification process, creativity and project management skills of a designer are invaluable tools needed to successfully incorporate these one of a kind, innovative finishes into your project.
NO. Many advances have been made over the last 5-10 years in the products that are used to achieve artistic finishes. The VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) have been greatly reduced and, in many cases, totally eliminated. Wallstreat is very attentive and committed to achieving beautiful results without creating a negative impact on our environment. Material Data Safety Sheets on all of the faux finish products are available upon request.