The French Country or Provence style is easily recognized in this keeping room by the way it marries provincial sophistication with lived-in charm. Like many styles today, it is inspired by nature and filled with hand crafted organic materials. But, what makes the provincial style stand out is that it is paired with refined hints of […]

Beam Me Up . . . Refinished Aged Wood Beams

    The design for the elegant ballroom of this historic Philip Shutze home was inspired by the strength and grace of the SS Normandie cruise ship. During the 1930s, the Streamline Moderne movement was a sub-style of the opulence of Art Deco. It reflected new discoveries of aerodynamic curves with rounded edges while being influenced by the […]

Fantastic Voyage: A Streamline Moderne Ceiling Finish

When updating a home, there are many decisions to be made. But when it comes to the restoration of a majestic 130-year-old historic home, many of the decisions become more complex. Do you re-create a literal translation of the original design? Do you abandon the original architecture to incorporate all of today’s modern aesthetics and […]

Hidden Agenda: Custom Stenciled Ceiling Finish

This project was located on top of a mountain in Colorado. It is an inspiring place where there is a deep appreciation for the beauty that nature provides in its pure state. The previous owner of the home had painted all of the cedar beams chocolate brown. First on the priority list for this remodel […]

Talent on Loan: Faux Finished Wooden Beams

A dining room, by nature, is a simple space intended for special gatherings. The focus of a dining room is usually its table. But in this case, the defining feature is the graceful curves of the groin vaulted ceiling. By definition, this is where two barrel vaults intersect at ninety degree angles. The intersecting curves create “ribs” […]

Purposeful Design

There is no debating that the most dramatic feature of this room is the beams. Unlike most beams, they follow the curves of the arched ceiling. Their graceful shape and interesting architecture are possible because they were constructed out of fiber board! Design Process: Creating beams with this amount of architectural detail would not only be […]

High Expectations

Faux finishes and decorative artistry on this ceiling add elegance to a lovely dining room.  The beautiful raised details of the exquisite trim are barely seen when they are stark white. Clever use of color enhances the appearance and accentuates the craftsmanship. This allows the trim to act as an embellished frame to the magnificent […]

Pretty as a Picture

Beautiful ceilings can be one of the most dramatic details in a home. When a ceiling contains exceptional craftsmanship, it is important to celebrate this architectural feature.                                  What makes this ceiling so spectacular is the layers of graceful curves. It […]

Icing on the Cake

  In most cases, a powder room is a small  square room  in need of some personality.  But, in this case, there were many distinguishing architectural details.   One wall is curved, the ceilings are very high and the trim molding is extremely bold.  The objective was to draw your eye to all of THESE […]

Gift wrapped

    “. . . strive to simplify;  the ensemble of the rooms should be considered so that comfort and utility go hand in hand with beauty.”  Frank Lloyd Wright This home honors the “Arts and Crafts” or “Prairie” style that is often identified with Frank Lloyd Wright. It incorporates low horizontal lines and open […]

Frank Lloyd Delight

  Many times, curved architectural details can be presented at their best when enhanced by decorative finishes.  Archways and ceilings are especially challenging from a construction perspective.  Chances are, anything that is not a straight line will be more labor intensive and therefore, more expensive.  Beautiful curves and arches are often understated when allowed to remain white.  They […]

Curve Appeal

    There was a day when the best dressed always included a lovely hat. It was the accessory that defined a level of class and completed the outfit. In design, we “dress” each room of a home to make a statement for every space. In this dining room, the “hat” was missing. Often we design […]

The Best Dressed