A Little Red

before- faux finish painting on red   after faux finish painting on red
Do you love red? I certainly do. It is a strong color that is filled with excitement. But sometimes, you can get too much of a good thing!

An intense color like the red in this before photo is probably too much for a whole room in the middle of your home. Sometimes, we think that if we just use it in a small room it will be OK. Take a look at the sample above. This powder room is small. The strength of solid red is still a harsh statement even from the hallway. The design challenge is to allow a room to “read” as vibrant red yet subdue the shock value of the strong solid color as it stands alone.

The Design Process:

Taking inspiration from the accessories, a random but linear pattern was created with a reflective texture process. This faux finish offers the luxury and elegance of reflective materials introduced in an unconventional manner. It is a technique that is versatile and will compliment many different styles: traditional, contemporary, Asian or British West Indies. The red is all about drama. Notice how little is actually needed to peek through the layers while maintaining its obvious presence. It still allows your first impression to be that this is a RED powder room. The energy and drama are still there but, the harshness is gone. It has been replaced with elegance and intrigue.

This small space now offers a big design statement. It actually draws you in to experience the unique faux finish treatment on the walls. A little red goes a long way!

Special thanks to designer, Amberly LeCoultre of Real Interiors (770-337-0990) for specifying the elegant faux finish for this room.

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