At your feet … painted concrete floor.

How do you create an intriguing focal point in an outdoor patio dining space without walls? This was the challenge for the designers of the new Planta restaurant at Krog St. in Atlanta. The answer right was right at their feet.



The Design Process:

Krog Street Market was originally built as a warehouse in 1889. The industrial architecture served as a great base that the designers wanted to respect. The covered outdoor patio was brought to life by a dynamic, custom-painted floor pattern. The bold geometric design offers Planta another opportunity to emphasize their branding. It echoes their triangular logo that is represented throughout the restaurant in many subtle but innovative ways.

On a concrete floor of this vintage, preparation of the surface was key. Repairs were first made to the cracks that could pose a tripping hazard. Next it was ground smooth to remove years of dirt, chemicals and grease which would interfere with the adhesion of the layers that would follow. The pattern was then measured and laid out with precision. Finally, it was painted in the muted palette consistent with the Planta classic brand. The clear sealers protected the crisp white stripes while allowing the natural beauty of the original concrete on the alternate stripes to remain exposed. This bold geometric floor pattern infused life into the patio adding an unexpected twist to an otherwise classic outdoor dining experience that welcomes patrons to Planta.

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4 painted floor 20230830_130023ps2wm
5 painted concrete 20230830_130207pswm
6 Planta at Krog St. 20230830_130558ps
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Contractor: Couch Construction

Cell: 404.906.8323

Office/Fax: 470.336.3355

Darden Couch


Flooring team: Concrete Masters


Max Loubaton


Design team:  ICRAVE.COM

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1140 BROADWAY, FLOOR 1 | NY, NY 10001


TYLER BLAZER | 212.929.5657

ALEXA FOMBRUN | 212.929.5657

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