Bigger Is Better...Painted Wood Grain Cabinet

The original finish of this cabinet was the same color of the walls. The client had a glaze added to the architectural details so that it would stand out more. But, it still did not have the visual strength to stand out as a focal point.



The Design Process:

This cabinet is the largest architectural detail in the room. With the application of a faux wood grain technique (faux bois) we were able to visually enlarge the cabinet by extending the illusion of wood to include the drywall on the sides and up to the ceiling. This made it appear more in scale with this large keeping room. Yes, bigger is better.

Slide 1 BEFORE sept 009 wm
Slide 2 AFTERdone 040ps
Slide 3 done 045wm
Slide 4 Bigger is better 046ps2wm
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The deep colors of the faux wood grain flow effortlessly where it meets the flooring. The tones were also inspired by the barstools. It carries your eye all the way to the tall ceiling to emphasize the height. This hand painted cabinet has become the feature attraction of the space. The application of the rich finish of wood offers warmth and an unmistakable perception of quality to this home.

Category: Cabinetry, Wood Graining