Dancing Walls...Metallic Ombre

Every year the Atlanta Food and Wine Festival proves to be one of the most celebrated events for culinary enthusiasts. This year’s festivities included a new venue at ADAC ‒ the Atlanta Decorative Arts Center. Chefs from the Rathbun’s watch list were partnered with outstanding designers in Atlanta to create exhibits that offered a full sensory experience to showcase their delicacies.

KMH Interiors joined chef, Andrea Lever Upchurch who featured a Pavlova. This light and fluffy dessert was inspired by the Russian prima ballerina, Anna Matveyevna Pavlova. It represents the ballerina's famous swan costume consisting of a graceful and airy, layered tutu and delicate cabbage roses.

The Design Process:

Interior Designer, Lathem Jenkins Gordon wanted to translate this history into their exhibit with the use of a faux finish that would capture this feeling. She explained, “Think of a delicate tutu that will dance across the walls.”

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The beautiful shimmer and gentle ombre’ effect of this decorative finish created the perfect backdrop for this elegant presentation. You cannot ask for a better creative team to work with than KMH Interiors

Special thanks to:
KMH Interiors
Sherwin Williams
ADAC- Atlanta Decorative Arts Center

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