Defining Moments

showroom interior design in Atlanta- before    showroom interior design in Atlanta- after

This project took place in a large furniture and design showroom. The challenge was to define the reception area, changing the “accent wall” into a true “focal wall” to create a stunning backdrop. The clever addition of a dramatic textural faux finish technique and rich metallics offers a treat that is both visual and tactile. It immediately captures your attention and draws you in. To further emphasize the desk, the inset of the cabinetry was enhanced in a complimentary palate to showcase the raised architectural details.

This reception area may be small in proportion to the rest of the space, but it is now rich with intrigue and defines a place of importance and purpose.

The Design Process:

The quality of a faux finish is often more valuable than quantity. In this scenario, the goal was to frame the desk and create a contrasting backdrop that would make this area stand out. The clean lines and the black color act to visually “underline” this space. Highlighting the center panel of the desk with brilliant bronze tones creates enough contrast to punctuate this feature.

The wall finish needed to be equally as dimensional. The trowel technique is more dramatic with a structured rather than random pattern. This emphasizes a crisp and tailored style. The size of the squares was determined according to the scale of the space. If they were too large, it would overpower the beauty of the front panel . . . too small and they would lack definition in this open area.

The colors are complementary to all of the fabrics, furnishings and accessories. The warmth of the metallics outlined in black are a neutral yet stunning way to capture your eye. This reception area is now readily identified as an invitation to explore the creativity within this showroom.

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