Design Duet...polished concrete and wood grained table

There's something quite beautiful about the intermingling of natural wood and concrete within a single interior design element. Taking one extraordinary gift from nature, and the other a strong triumph of man-made ingenuity, you can create a dramatic interior design feature that allows each side a presence in the spotlight. The warmth and texture of a painted live edge wood element against the cold hard drama of gray concrete creates a stunning design duet that sings in a space.



The Design Process:

A mold was created to form each side of the table. The center line follows the graceful movement of real walnut. Texture was added to simulate a live edge and hand painted in a wood grain to create the illusion of an exquisite slab of wood. The concrete side was polished smooth and embedded with the client’s logo. Adding to the blending of materials, a piece of glass in the center offers the perfect bridge between the 2 intriguing elements.

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Being the largest element in the space, this table needed to stand alone as the showstopper.  The contrast is a unique juxtaposition of the warmth of wood against the cold strength of concrete.  Mixing these materials is a medley of the client’s desire for a sophisticated contemporary style, a celebration of nature and a one-of-a kind feature design element.

Concrete fabrication:

Mike Jensen

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