Every Square Inch...Metallic Squares On Faux Silk

The “Craftsman style” originated in Britain and made its way to the US in the late 1800’s. It is distinguished by the harmony of simplicity and function. What I love about this style is the way it celebrates originality, quality of artistic handicrafts and attention to details. This project is a perfect example.



The Design Process:

Designer, Janie Smith, of 3 Gates Interiors knows how to make every square inch an opportunity to incorporate this style.  The use of rectilinear lines is consistent throughout the design of this home.  She began by identifying the elegance of a simple square as inspiration.  Notice how each element in this space compliments that theme.

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For the walls, a monotone color scheme emphasizes the beauty of simplicity in this tiny room.  A faux finish of  raised stencilled squares appears randomly on the far wall and up to the ceiling.  They are featured prominently with highlights of gold tones that catch your eye and tie in with the intricate pattern of the mirror.  A soft stria wall glazing technique makes it apparent that each raised stencil is dimensional and applied by hand.

Look closely again.  Can you identify all of the places where a simple square has been used to complete this design?  In a small space, every square inch counts.

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