Form, Function and Blending … custom plaster vent hood

In the past, vent hoods have been designed to blend with the surrounding cabinetry. Today, they proudly flaunt their captivating designs, ranging from sleek minimalist contours to bold, attention-grabbing statements that are both sculptural and artistic.  They demonstrate the marriage of form and function at its finest.



The Design Process:

The sage green cabinets that outline this kitchen provide a soothing connection to nature. But the real magic happens when the tile backsplash is paired with the custom plaster vent hood. The minimal lines of the vent hood are the epitome of sleek design.The organic look of the plaster brings in an element of warmth and natural beauty.  It softens the sharp lines of the square tiles, counter tops and sleek cabinets turning the hood into a sculptural focal point.

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The understated presence of this plaster vent hood adds a sense of calm and sophistication. The subtle texture and matte finish contrasts the wall of glass tiles. This whispers rather than shouts and becomes the real showstopper.

Designed by:

Emily Del Bello

Emily Del Bello Interiors


Category: Architectural Details