How old is “OLD”?

Vive la diffe’rence

Vive la diffe’rence

Urban Contemporary, Shabby Chic, Country French, Weathered Industrial, Rustic, Global Primitives, Farmhouse Charm, Old World, Vintage, Wabi Sabi, Reused/ Recycled/ Repurposed.

All of these styles have one thing in common . . . they celebrate the imperfections of what happens to surfaces over time.  This process is often referred to in general terms as “antiquing”.  There are many techniques that are used to create this effect.  The amount of distressing and aging that are desired is dependent upon your personal taste and the artist’s interpretation.

The charm of “aging” is that it represents what happens naturally over time as surfaces are exposed to different elements. For example, there is more wear around edges and handles.  Dust settles low.  Sun shines inconsistently on vertical surfaces and causes layers of paint to fade and split.  Horizontal surfaces and corners take the brunt of the burden for scuffs and scrapes.

So, how old is “OLD”?

When you hire an artist to create an aged piece, how do you make sure it aged to perfection?  The key is how you communicate your desired outcome so that the artist can translate your vision.  Here are some helpful tips:

  1. Begin by telling the story . . . was this stored in a barn or left outside to be exposed to the elements?  Was it handed down and used lovingly by many generations?  Has it been used by many or carefully protected and preserved?
  2. Will this be a focal point among an eclectic mix of furnishings or a background that will blend with the overall feeling of a space?
  3. When trying to share your vision, photos always speak a thousand words.  Visit sites such as Houzz or Pinterest and create your idea board.
  4. Be sure to carry your camera because inspiration is everywhere!  Great places to visit in Atlanta include:

To achieve the charm of authenticity, multiple techniques should be used on a single project to represent the true personality of the story.  The processes should contain random and subtle inconsistencies.  The result will offer the intrigue of a believable time crafted finish rather than a factory produced reproduction.  This will leave you with an artistic surface that will continue to be cherished for years to come.

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