Yes You Can...Painted And Aged Brick

Brick has become one of the most popular elements in design. Unlike generic drywall, brick is cherished because it offers a touch of texture, unique character and a dab of timeless charm that adapts to any décor style.
Reminiscent of previous remodeling of this home, the client chose to keep the brick that was once an exterior wall. Despite the fact that it had been painted white, interior designer, Debby Hall knew that with decorative painting, it could provide an expression of the past while blending with the updated neutral color scheme. The goal was to re-write history and restore the brick to appear as if it had been this way all along.



The design process

Dreading the idea of striping the old paint, I received a very common question . . . “Can you just paint brick and still make it look authentically old?” The answer is “YES you can”! The beauty of this faux finish technique is that a designer can select every color that will be incorporated into the process. We gathered inspiration photos of aged brick to identify the perfect distribution of color needed to compliment the space.

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As an added bonus, the doors were removed from the closet and it was converted into wine storage which becomes art. From a function standpoint, this was a wonderful solution. It created a continuity of the aged brick while being conveniently located to the dining and entertaining areas. This faux finish allows the painted brick to blend seamlessly with EVERY important element in the home … including our 4-legged friend!

Interior Design by:
Debby Hall
Hall & Company Interior Design Inc.

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