Lost and Found

Consistent with a historical theme, this designer has skillfully blended a respect for tradition with unexpected details. Her concept was to utilize a faux finish that represents the beautiful effects that happen as a result of time.
aged plaster decorative painting before   aged plaster decorative painting
The Design Process:
Wainscot paneling is usually about 30”–36” high. In this case, it is more than half the height of the walls which makes it an important feature. Within the panels, a faux finish was applied with a historical pattern embedded beneath aged and cracking plaster. It represents how layers of plaster will eventually depart from the walls to reveal lost treasures of the past.
This dining room welcomes you with classic elegance and a twist of intrigue. The statement is made that over many years, good design will always stand the test of time.
Designed by:
Celesa Tuning

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