Luxury Defined...Raised Faux Silk Stencil

What defines luxury? In general, we think of a well-appointed lavish home that allows the owner to feel pampered or even spoiled. When referring to a master bath remodel, words such as sophisticated, oasis and spa-like also come to mind. But for this client, her definition of LUXURY included having something “unique, original and one-of-a-kind”.



The Design Process

Designer, Andrea Teichner believes, “people do not invest in ‘things’ . . . they invest in feelings. Luxury design is timeless with a sense of sophistication that incorporates beautiful and interesting materials in a well-conceived environment. Bathrooms tend to utilize many hard surfaces. Introducing texture is one of the subtle design elements that can make the overall feeling softer, richer and more interesting.” So, we surrounded this space with a faux finish that gives the impression of silk. The raised stencil design was inspired by a shimmering embroidered fabric used for the bedding in the adjoining master bedroom.

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Design is a series of creative choices and a collaboration of all materials in a space. To be successful, a room must contain the element of contrast that includes colors, patterns and textures. For this bathroom remodel, the addition of an unusual decorative finish adds softness and dimension without sacrificing a clean look that is consistent with luxury.

Andrea M. Teichner,
Teichner Interiors, LLX
678 910 6211

Frugal Kitchens & Cabinets

Photography by:
Doug Sturgess,
770 329 3199

Custom stencil fabrication by:
Royal Design Studio

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