Margaritaville...Aged Kitchen Island

Inspiration for cabinet finishes can come from unexpected places. After returning from a wonderful visit to the ocean, this color palette was inspired by the client’s favorite beach bag!

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The design process:

The goal was to replicate the energetic feeling from their favorite vacation destination . . . the beach. A bright citrus green was placed on the lower cabinets and extended up on to the walls. This punctuated the crisp white trim and upper cabinets creating a bold contemporary background.

The large island became the true focal point of this kitchen. To contrast the sleek cabinetry, it was refinished with various faux techniques to replicate the effects of weathering by salty ocean climate over time.

Although it appears authentically aged and distressed, this finish is very resilient to the wear and tear of an active family. It invites you to put on some Jimmy Buffet, pour a margarita and enjoy happy times.

Designed by: Andrea Costa

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Category: Cabinetry