No Regrets... Rethinking a textured wall finish

Jessica Murphy of Hammer & Harmony Construction was given a challenge by one of her long time clients.  They wanted to remodel their master bath … under ONE condition. This free-thinking client LOVED the unexpected textured wall finish that had been applied over a decade ago.  Being unafraid to defy trends and design rules, having to lose this artistic finish would be their only regret.



The Design Process:

Replicating a unique wall finish that will be next to the original is not as easy as it may seem. The typical approach for a heavy texture is to tear it out and re-drywall so you can start with a clean canvas. Duplicating an EXISTING technique is like trying to forge a signature.  It requires analyzing the products and tools that were used.  Then, with some practice, you determine the exact amount of product and pressure for each trowel stroke used by the original artist.

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This textured wall finish plays a vital function by adding layers and variations in this space.  The random pattern softens the hard rectilinear surfaces. This time around, the color recipe has been re-imagined to compliment the new bathroom features. The client’s walls have been revived and will continue to be an expression of their spirited personal style. They will continue to enjoy this artistic finish for years to come with NO REGRETS.

Contractor and Designer:

Hammer & Harmony Construction

Jessica Murphy

678 383 9189

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