Now you see it… hand painted outlet covers

Handmade tile is filled with character because each tile is unique.  As a result, when put together on a surface, they become a stunning work of art.  On any surface, electrical outlets, light switches, vent covers and smoke detectors are sometimes hard to avoid since building codes dictate where they must be placed. These items can interrupt a clean visual site line and even compete with the intricate design of the tiles.



The Design Process:

There are methods to provide some camouflage for these elements.  The most common is wallpaper.  Since the repeats of wallpaper are machine made, your paper professional can cut and paste a piece of paper to place over the cover.  But tile presents different issues. There are not only grout lines but also subtle differences in textures, colors and intricate patterns that need to be blended. Hand-painted tiles require a hand-painted solution. The variations are infinite because no two sides of each tile are the same.

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The only way to minimize the impact of outlets is to visually reduce their size by replicating the intricate hand painting on the edge of each cover.  This is a feature that a machine could never accomplish. With a little bit of patience and a lot of attention to detail, now you see it… now you don’t. 

Design by:

Studio Entourage



Tile by:

Francois & Company


Pattern is OLD FARO from Italy

Category: Architectural Details