On a Grand Scale: Custom Stenciled Powder Room

Welcome to a look at one of the many thoughtful details in this modern, French-inspired home. Lila Adams, of Providence Luxury Homes, knows how to add the perfect touches. One of those opportunities was in this elegant powder room, where she wanted to incorporate pattern on the walls for a softer and more rustic appearance. Decorative painting allowed for the customization needed, but choosing the right pattern was key.

Atlanta stencil painting bathroom

The design process:

The 11 ft high ceilings in this powder room are consistent with the grandeur of the rest of the home. But, when the height of the room exceeds the length and width of the walls, it can easily feel more like a closet. Remaining in scale with the rest of the home, the pattern needed to be bold. Wallpaper with a large repeat would have posed the challenge of how the designs aligned in conjunction with the other elements. The solution: A hand-painted stencil design that would give the impression of rustic wallpaper.


In keeping with the French modern style, the stencil design was not applied as a solid color. Rather, it was lightly brushed to celebrate that it is hand-painted. Using a stencil offered the advantage of strategically placing each design so they would line up perfectly with the other elements in this small space. They are not mathematically correct but rather visually correct. Contemporary gray tones and the “perfect white” allowed it to compliment all other features and keep within the color flow of the home.

Many would be hesitant to use such a strong pattern in a small space, but Lila envisioned that anything smaller would become too busy for this much wall area. In this case, it needed to be on a GRAND SCALE to be consistent with this home.

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  1. Very beautiful. You guys do such wonderful work can wait to use you on one of my projects..

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