Over the Top… faux stone finish on a vent hood

Converting to an open floor plan poses many design challenges.  Changing to wide-open spaces means that all of the elements must compliment the new scale and proportions of a large area while maintaining balance and symmetry.









The Design Process:

On the far side of the kitchen area is a large floor to ceiling stone fireplace.  Designer, Jane Hollman of Studio Entourage, recognized that the kitchen vent hood presented an opportunity to echo the large organic feature on the opposing side of the space.

Contractor, Jeff Meadows fabricated a custom vent hood that spanned the full length of the new cook top and extended to the ceiling.  The request was to apply a faux finish of stone that would blend with the subtle neutral tones of the other surfaces within the space.  Done in a matte finish, this vent hood became a work of art that is harmonious with the surrounding sleek elements.

The addition of this faux finished vent hood added the warmth of a large organic feature within this uninterrupted open floor plan.  It is now a focal point that embraces the client’s desire for an open contemporary look that also reflects their appreciation of natural elements.

Kitchen Design by:

Studio Entourage, LLC

Jane Hollman, Principal

(404) 233-4771



Interior Architectural Design and Planning:

Contractor: Jeff Meadows

Biltmore Construction Management LLC

(404) 786-5135


Marcia Marchman

Hub 13 Lane, Roswell


(770) 802-5740


Artist Mediums by:

Faux Effects International


(502) 583-0102

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