Some Days Are Diamonds

Faux finish floor before  Atlanta faux finish floor

Sometimes, a small space can create large challenges. In this newly renovated foyer the ceiling is low and the shape is irregular.  The goal was to create a welcoming statement of traditional elegance.

Great care and attention was given to the exact layout and scale of the design. Planning the layout was critical. It was important to visualize how the pattern would “direct” the eye and influence the traffic flow of the space. Colors were determined by the adjacent wood tones, the furnishings and accessories. The result is a visual invitation to experience the unexpected details within the classic design of this home.

The Design Process:

We began with new wood floors. There were 3 strong visual references in this space . . . the walkway to the kitchen, the center of the curve along the stairway, and the front door. Scale and proportion were also taken into consideration. Pay close attention to how the pattern leads your eye in the right directions from every vantage point.

When working with raw wood and stains, you only have one chance to make it right! Many rolls of blue tape allowed us to first determine the pattern. It is more important that the design is visually correct rather than mathematically perfect. As a result, we were able to minimize imperfections such as crooked walls or uneven trim.

The  colors were chosen to complement the surrounding wood finishes. Care was taken to prevent “bleed under” of the stains. Each line is absolutely crisp! Once completed, the flooring specialists returned to apply all of the top layers of polyurethane. This provides added depth and dimension to the appearance. Also, it ensures that our work was protected. Beginning with raw wood is more labor intensive. But, the results yield much higher durability than trying to adapt previously finished floors.

Once completed, the pattern on this floor greets you with a statement of attention to detail. Every visitor is cleverly guided to enter and tour this home to experience all of the visual surprises inside.


  1. Looks awesome, but then it your work always does. Another great one.

  2. Kass, this is so beautiful. The result is very elegant, and is a warm subtle way to livin up this space.
    I love it.

  3. Suzanne Ruff/Designs of the Interior says

    Gorgeous. Floors are often a “forgotten space” where creativity is seldom used. I have used a similar technique on porch wooden floors and it’s always a winner.

  4. Linda Miller/Indoff Interiors says

    It’s amazing how the lines direct your eye in the right direction, and in all 3 directions!

  5. This looks GORGEOUS! It completely changed the room. Beautiful job (as usual!), Kass.

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