Stairway To Heaven...Metallic Stencil on Accent Wall

Good design is all about directing you eye to focal points. The journey begins by identifying key features and embellishing them. This is where the clever use of faux finishes are a designer’s best kept secret.
The style of this home is sleek, elegant and sophisticated. This description is often used in conjunction with “minimalistic”. We know that less can be more. Yet, there also is a point where too little in NOT enough. The challenge is to find the delicate balance of achieving just the right amount of content without being cluttered.



The Design Process:

The objective in this foyer was to keep the attention on the graceful curves of the dramatic staircase. A hand painted accent wall is an innovative solution that is often used to achieve this goal. Wallpaper would not work because of the curves and the fact that the floor was not even. With a custom stencil, it is possible to adjust the placement of the design to make it “visually correct”.

Slide 1 stairway 3 7 11 Warren B4 010 pswm
Slide 2 stairway foyer 003pswm
Slide 3 foyer 018pswm
slide 4 stairway foyer 018cupsewm
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In the end, the designer was able to choose the perfect pattern in the perfect colors that make this a “Stairway to Heaven.”

Special thanks to:
Jason Smith at Summit Design and Build for this project.
404 512 3491

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