Strokes of Genius…Abstract Wall Finish

Large banquet-sized dining rooms pose significant design challenges. Any room of this vast size requires that all elements are in correct scale and proportion. In this case, that also includes the bold custom wall treatment. Atlanta interior designer, Heather Means, was inspired by the dynamic design style of Kelly Wearstler. Known for her “maximalist design style” she explains, “Often the calmest and most favored room in a home is a result of bold choices.”



The Design Process

At first glance you would think that this painting technique is merely random brush strokes - but, the abstract design on these hand painted walls was meticulously planned. Selecting the exact color, size and flow of the pattern allowed Heather to create a statement that could never be achieved with printed wallpaper. Just like artful street graffiti, no two brush strokes can ever be alike. Together they are strokes of genius.

3 BEFORE wall finish IMG_2831pswm
1 abstract wall finish 3592psw
2 kelly wearstler inspired IMG_3596pswm
4 painted brush strokes wall finish IMG_3609pswm
5 brush stroke wall finish 25382659417_516f559401_kpswm
6 hand painted brush strokes IMG_3681pswm
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This client appreciates design that is clean, contemporary and adventurous. Creating walls that have an impact allows each of the remaining elements in the space to be simple but purposeful. Despite its size and scale, this room invites you in to experience every thoughtful detail.

Interior Design by:
Heather Means
917 545 1340

Inspired by:
Kelly Wearstler

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