Walk This Way...Faux Antique Copper Doors

It is easy to recognize how important it is for a front door to make an impression. Interior doors, however, deserve the same quality, thought and appeal. In this example, a set of doors at the end of a hallway serve the purpose of creating a striking and unexpected focal point.



The Design Process:

Hallways are often neglected, but they provide an ideal opportunity to punctuate your design style. The walls and ceilings offer a natural architectural frame at the end of a hall. In this case, the flat double doors within a sleek modern space became the perfect canvas allowing this homeowner to celebrate their appreciation for organic art. A faux finish was applied to represent sheets of authentic aged copper panels.

Slide 1 Painted Copper doors IMG_2620ps pic
Slide 2 Doors BEFORE IMG_2581ps pic
Slide 4 Painted copper doors close up IMG_2905ps pic
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The addition of the faux copper paint treatment transformed these doors into a dramatic piece of art that call you to “walk this way.”

Designed by:
Jane Hollman
404 233 4771

Special thanks to:
Modern Masters

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