Walk This Way: A Faux Finish Door Remodel

It is easy to recognize how important it is for a front door to make an impression. Interior doors, however, deserve the same quality, thought and appeal. In this example, a set of doors at the end of a hallway serve the purpose of creating a striking and unexpected focal point.
painted copper doors before painted copper doors after

The Design Process:

Hallways are often neglected, but they provide an ideal opportunity to punctuate your design style. The walls and ceilings offer a natural architectural frame at the end of a hall. In this case, the flat double doors within a sleek modern space became the perfect canvas allowing this homeowner to celebrate their appreciation for organic art. A faux finish was applied to represent sheets of authentic aged copper panels.
The addition of the faux copper paint treatment transformed these doors into a dramatic piece of art that calls you to “walk this way.”
Designed by:
Jane Hollman


  1. Sharon Norris says

    Kass, this is gorgeous. I absolutely love this door. Mind blowing difference.

  2. Super cool!!!

  3. Paul Bowman says

    Love this! Masterful job.

  4. Awesome job! It’s so intriguing.

  5. OMG Kass. This is incredible. Love, love love it. I’m looking at my doors now…..

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