Worth Repeating: Faux Woodgrain Foyer Makeover

This home’s entrance is fit for royalty. The two story foyer is graced by a curved staircase, elegant hardwood floors, and detailed trim. The custom mahogany doors are the focal point, adding definition to the passageway and welcoming guests. In order to emphasize the architectural elements in this stunning foyer, decorative painting was used to tie it all together!

front door remodel before    faux wood grain door

The Design Process:

The front doors were thoughtfully trimmed with skilled craftsmanship in an effort to define their importance. Most of the time we tend to think that all trim molding within a space should be consistent. However in this case, we decided to emphasize the scale and proportion of the doors as an independent architectural detail. That gave us permission to view the surrounding trim molding as an extension of the doors.


Decorative painting is an excellent way to enhance grand elements in a space, and when done well you would never imagine them any other way. The wood details throughout this home were a feature worth repeating, so the millwork surround was painted with a faux wood grain technique (faux bois) to match the mahogany doors. Changing the frame around the doors to appear as wood defines it as one cohesive architectural element and creates a more dynamic impression within the foyer.

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Special thanks to Belinda Giddens of Outrageous Interiors in Suwanee, GA.


  1. What an amazing difference!

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