Pretty as a Picture

Faux finishes and decorative artistry on this ceiling add elegance to a lovely dining room.  The beautiful raised details of the exquisite trim are barely seen when they are stark white. Clever use of color enhances the appearance and accentuates the craftsmanship. This allows the trim to act as an embellished frame to the magnificent […]

Center of Attention

In most homes, the mantel is designed to be the main feature of a great room. This is especially true when the mantel soars to the full height of two stories. The beautiful stack stone craftsmanship was already a work of art but deserved a regal frame.     The Design Process: A dimensional bronze technique was carefully chosen […]

Icing on the Cake

Beautiful ceilings can be one of the most dramatic details in a home. When a ceiling contains exceptional craftsmanship, it is important to celebrate this architectural feature.                                  What makes this ceiling so spectacular is the layers of graceful curves. It […]

Grand Entrance

Faux finishes and decorative artistry add intrigue to a foyer.  A circular walkway poses a challenge for incorporating artwork.  The art was created within the curved barrel niche to appear as an aged fresco painting.  It is so dimensional that everyone who walks by wants to touch it.

Attention to Detail

The original request for this space was to apply a faux finish to the walls in an effort to warm up this grand room. But the problem was not the walls . . . it was all of the white and non-descript architectural features. That is when we turned our attention to these details.    […]

Lost and Found

Consistent with a historical theme, this designer has skillfully blended a respect for tradition with unexpected details. Her concept was to utilize a faux finish that represents the beautiful effects that happen as a result of time.     The Design Process: Wainscot paneling is usually about 30”–36” high. In this case, it is more than half the height of […]

The Great Escape

Inspired by Grecian architecture, this master bathroom remodel is adorned with graceful curves. The client described that her goal was to feel as if she walked into an elegant spa ready to be pampered with luxury.   The Design Process: The stone tiles and the new granite served as the inspiration for soft neutral tones […]

Silver Lining

A small butler’s pantry is situated immediately adjacent to a room of grand scale. The goal of this faux finish was to enhance the area to compliment but not compete with the furnishings. The pewter fixtures and stainless steel appliances drive a monochromatic color scheme that is punctuated in black. The drama is provided by […]

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